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Investment Management

Timmons Wealth Management provides discretionary active investment management services for clients. Our approach to investing combines a core strategic asset allocation strategy tailored to client goals and risk tolerance levels, with a tactical asset allocation overlay enabling us to shift within and across asset categories depending upon the relative attractiveness of investment opportunities. When appropriate, Timmons Wealth Management implements publicly traded alternative investment strategies to enhance portfolio returns and reduce portfolio volatility.

We approach investment research and portfolio construction in a rigorous and methodical manner using proprietary quantitative investment screens and cutting edge portfolio management software. Client portfolios are typically constructed using a mix of highly specialized low cost actively managed mutual funds supplemented by individual stocks, bonds and exchange traded funds as needs and/or opportunities arise. We maintain a strict focus on risk management and portfolio diversification and systematically adjust portfolios to remain in-line with each client’s Investment Policy Statement.

Our Investment Philosophy

Timmons Wealth Management’s investment philosophy is driven by the following principles:
  • We believe active management adds value for our clients.
  • We believe a long term approach to investing can be used to our advantage and works to mitigate the negative impact of emotional tendencies which accompany short term thinking.
  • We must be flexible and opportunistic, and take contrarian positions when necessary to identify and exploit undervalued areas of the market.
  • Disciplined investing means having a deep understanding of each investment and maintaining a consistent focus on diversification and risk management.
  • Transaction costs and investment fees must be minimized and commensurate with the value they provide our clients.
  • We believe in eating our own cooking. We invest our personal capital in the same investments and strategies we use for clients.
  • We believe reputations are hard earned and easily lost. Building and maintaining trust must be at the forefront of all of our actions.

Our New Client Process

Each new client engagement begins with an exhaustive interview process to carefully understand and document each client’s unique financial situation, long term goals, risk tolerance and any applicable investment constraints. We believe it is critically important for us to understand client expectations, as well as to carefully explain our investment strategy and approach to managing client portfolios.

We develop a customized Investment Policy Statement for each client which provides a comprehensive assessment of the information we have gathered and outlines our recommended investment strategy. We also help to organize and consolidate client investment accounts and transfer assets as needed. Upon finalizing the Investment Policy Statement, Timmons Wealth Management implements the designated investment strategy and revisits the policy at least annually via a formal client meeting. We believe in maintaining regular communication with our clients and strongly encourage at least annual portfolio reviews.

To protect clients, Timmons Wealth Management uses an independent third party custodian to maintain client accounts and deliver independent monthly reporting. For greater transparency, we provide clients with an internally generated quarterly portfolio reporting package via a secure web portal outlining existing investment holdings, quarterly investment performance and billing details. This package is supplemented by our quarterly client newsletter.