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Financial Planning

Timmons Wealth Management provides a wide range of financial planning services to ongoing investment management clients for no additional fee. We believe investment decisions should be made within the context of a carefully designed financial plan that aligns portfolio construction with long term financial goals. We also offer financial planning services on an hourly basis to those that aren’t investment management clients of Timmons Wealth Management.

Utilizing leading financial planning software and techniques, we offer financial planning expertise in the following areas:

Investment Planning

We offer hourly investment planning services for clients that don’t meet our ongoing investment management minimum. From 401ks to IRAs and brokerage accounts, investors are faced with a wide range of account options and a dizzying array of investment choices. We help to explain the benefits and disadvantages of different account types, and then research and build a customized investment portfolio in-line with the client’s objectives and risk tolerance. Each investment plan comes with a customized Investment Policy Statement that outlines the information we have gathered and our recommended investment strategy and portfolio.

Retirement Planning

At some point, we all want to retire. Success is dictated by designing and implementing a realistic plan and making ongoing adjustments as needed. We utilize sophisticated goals-based retirement planning software that incorporates client assets, savings goals, projected living expenses and future income expectations to develop a realistic investment and savings strategy for retirement. Our software enables us to run a variety of simulations for clients in the early stages of retirement planning to those already in retirement and concerned about making their money last.

College Savings Strategies

With the steady rise in tuition costs, the need to begin planning early for college has become a necessity. We assist clients with developing a savings strategy and offer guidance on the various college savings vehicles including Education Savings Accounts, 529 Plans and brokerage accounts. As part of the planning process, we help to design a customized investment strategy that incorporates the investment time horizon and growth expectations for the college savings portfolio.

Budgeting & Debt Reduction

Developing a realistic and actionable budget is one of the most important financial actions any of us can take. We help clients develop a customized budget, identify savings opportunities and where necessary craft debt reduction strategies targeting payments on high interest loans. Our clients benefit from an unbiased 3rd party perspective and often identify savings opportunities that result in improved lifestyles.

Insurance & Estate Planning

Life is full of surprises. Making sure we are prepared for those surprises must be a priority. Major life changes like marriage, children and new business ventures must be assessed from a risk management perspective to ensure appropriate plans are in place to protect those we care for. We assist our clients by coordinating with trusted outside professionals to perform insurance needs analysis as well as coordinating the implementation of estate planning documents including wills, trusts and healthcare proxies. Our clients benefit from our independent opinion as we do not sell insurance or receive compensation from any law firms.