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Our Services

Timmons Wealth Management serves a wide range of clients across a variety of professions. Our clients are typically established professionals and entrepreneurs who are experiencing or preparing for major life changes including marriage, children, career advancement and retirement.

Often, these major life changes lead to new questions and concerns and often new perspectives on life. Our clients face significant time constraints with numerous demands on their time. They lack the specialized skills to address their concerns and are overwhelmed by the investment and financial planning options in the marketplace today.

With a demonstrated commitment to saving, our clients appreciate the independent and unbiased approach we take to managing investment portfolios. The highly personalized and comprehensive nature of our services enable our clients to focus on their passions while having the peace of mind that comes with a carefully developed and implemented investment strategy.

Please see below for some examples of how Timmons Wealth Management assists clients undergoing major life changes.

Scenario: A married couple had recently celebrated the arrival of their first child. They realized that their growing family demanded that they undertake a comprehensive review of their finances and begin to prepare in earnest for key financial goals including college and retirement.

We worked with the couple to assess their current financial situation and to identify and quantify their most important goals. From there, we developed an investment and savings strategy that would put them on the right track. We also helped our clients determine the necessary estate planning documents and insurance coverage they should have in place and connected them with a team of trusted legal and insurance partners.

Scenario: An established nurse had decided to accept a Nurse Practitioner role at a leading hospital in Boston. She had accumulated significant savings in the retirement account at her old employer which contained a limited number of investment choices. She wanted her money to work harder and didn’t know where to start.

We assisted our client with establishing a Rollover IRA and walked her through the transfer process from start to finish. Once complete, we designed a customized investment strategy to meet her needs while taking advantage of the greater investment flexibility offered by the Rollover IRA. Once our client had enrolled in her new employer’s retirement plan, we analyzed her investment choices, developed an investment model and helped her establish a new savings rate target.

Scenario: A married couple was preparing for retirement. They had accumulated significant financial resources including investments, savings accounts and real estate. They wanted an actionable retirement plan that would ensure their money would last while sustaining the quality of life they had always envisioned in retirement.

We began with an in-depth interview covering the couple’s assets, liabilities, financial goals and unique circumstances. From there, we formulated a comprehensive retirement plan using leading financial planning software to determine the feasibility of the spending goals in the context of various investment and strategies. Once the retirement plan was finalized, we assisted the couple with consolidating their various retirement accounts and implementing a consistent investment strategy across the accounts.

Scenario: A promising scientist had left academia and accepted a position at a leading biotech firm. Being new to the corporate world, he was overwhelmed by the complicated nature of his compensation structure and unsure what to do with his newfound wealth. He faced significant time constraints and needed a solution that could be easily deployed and managed.

We began with helping our client decipher his compensation package and begin planning for long term financial goals. From there, we developed a comprehensive Investment Policy Statement that outlined recommend savings and investment strategies. As part of the process, we implemented a risk mitigation strategy which outlined periodic sales of company stock grants to build a more diversified investment portfolio. We evaluated our client’s 401k investment options and designed a custom model portfolio while helping to explain and set up other tax deferred savings vehicles that could be used to fund future goals.